"Wir brauchen Funktelefone"

Wam Kat organisiert über das Internet Helfer für die Flüchtlingslager der vertriebenen Kosovoren. Aber auch das Mailboxensystem, das sich in Bosnien bewährt hatte, soll wiedererstehen.

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Betinho Prize 2000 Finalist

Balkan Sunflowers: Using ICTs to Mobilise Volunteers for Social Reconstruction in the Balkans


Balkan Sunflowers (BSF) is a non-profit, international grassroots organization that was founded in the spring of 1999, originally to aid the Kosovar refugees. It brings together volunteers from all over the world that want to help in ways that monetary donations and emergency humanitarian aid cannot. Person-to-person interaction with voluntary workers, who come to work as partners and neighbours, helps to restore a sense of community life and soothe the experiences of those who have been uprooted.

Using an entirely Internet-based volunteer recruitment system built on simple mailing list and WWW tools, BSF has mobilized thousand of volunteers to participate in rebuilding Balkan communities from the ground up.

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